Points2 Shop Hack

Points2Shop Hack

Its 2013 and the old news says Points2Shop Hack don't work.  Well, it probably won't work if you are using an old version which has long been patched.  Of course this sites are quick to update there security system making it lesser vulnerable to hack.  But, if you are using the right tool, then I can tell you that it works.  You just don't have to abuse it and keep your account from getting banned and still getting the item you want like a free xbox or a free playstation.

How to use our hack tool

1. Download our tool - P2P Skipper.
2.  Run the update to get the latest configuration
3.  Open your web browser and log in to your points2shop account
4.  Run your hack tool
5.  Enter your username and wait for tool to attach
6.  Select your desired Points and Cash
7. Click "START"
8.  Wait for tool to complete the sniffing and injection process
NOTE:  Use only ones a week to avoid your account from getting banned